Wrong web design and landing pages can make you cry for customers!


We humans run on psychology – a slight change here and there makes us love or shove a thing. When we talk about eCommerce websites, we talk about ways of bringing people in, converting them into leads, and then into customers as last. But not all get able to get through this marketing funnel. The reason? There are many, and one such is choosing wrong landing pages for wrong purposes and bad web design. Why? Because people either do it themselves or do not choose a good web design company , Australia. When we talk about landing pages, we talk about the final pitch to make to the potential customers. If we do it wrong, we lose it all, says https://blurn.com/au/marketing-automation-crm-services/.

So, how to know if you are choosing the right landing pages with the right web design at the right places? The best way is to have proper knowledge beforehand.

The forbidden knowledge about web design of landing pages!

Because the competition is high, rarely does the vital technical knowledge make it to the surface. People just do choose to keep it to themselves in an attempt to make the slightest edge. But we believe that knowledge grows when knowledge gets shared. Thus, here are some vital things that you must know if you are looking to create landing pages by yourself.

What are landing pages and what purpose do they serve?

There are many real-life examples that serve a purpose similar to what landing pages serve. Let’s talk of a clothing showroom. Why are there mannequins placed outside the showrooms? After all, clothes are for us to wear, not for some dummies! But no! It is an attempt to show you why you must buy these clothes, because they look this nice on your body. It is a stage to bring you more closer towards the time when you’ll pick up your card and swipe for them with a smile on your face.

Or take an example of a car showroom where there are cars radiating colorful dreams into your eyes. There you also find a heavenly smiling salesman or woman walking towards you to make you feel giant. What is the purpose of having a car placed under shining lights and making a salesperson talk so nicely to you as no one has ever talked before? It is to bring you more closer towards the final stage of selling.

Similarly, landing pages are the pages that stand alone on themselves and act as a bridge to bring website visitors towards a purchase. These pages are stand-alone by themselves and act like a salesman or woman that tells you why you should buy this product or service.

Why do landing pages fail sometimes?

The answer is this simple – either you have chosen the wrong landing page, or your landing page has not been designed by an expert web design company Australia. It is like choosing a guy in the car showroom whose purpose is to give the car delivery with a smile. Or it is like choosing a salesman who is badly dressed and has a frown upon his head.

So, how to have a good web design of a landing page and how to decide which landing page to choose?

The different types of landing pages!

One landing page can be good enough but it can spoil it all if chosen at the wrong time. There are many different types of landing pages that have been scientifically designed to serve different marketing purposes. They are different based on the purpose they serve and the places they hold in the marketing funnel. A marketing / sales funnel is an imaginary funnel that tells about different stages of turning people into potential customers into final customers.

The Squeeze Page!

This page is usually used at the top of the marketing funnel. Its purpose is to simply squeeze out information from the user. For example, you may ask them for their name, address, and phone number. You’ll use this information later on in your digital media campaigns to target them and tell them why they need your product.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you can only ask something if you have something better to offer. Thus, always offer something in place before asking them for information. And be nice, yes, be nice! If the customer gets the slightest hint about what purpose you have, you might get denied the information.

Furthermore, create a beautiful and soothing visual that is not spooky or threatening. Work on the dynamics of visual beauty. Choose words wisely to ensure that they trust you.

Long Landing Pages!

Also called long-form landing pages, they serve the purpose that a long commercial does. Ever seen a minute or two minute long commercial of iPhone or Nike? They are there to tell people why they need their product and what change will it bring into their lives. A long-form landing page does the same work of pitching it to the customers about why they need the product they have come for. It speaks to them the value they will be getting, how their lives will change, and what will they miss if they miss it. You do not have to tell them that they will suffer a loss if they do not choose your product. No! The message must be subliminal like a story – make them feel at loss, do not tell them that they are at loss.

This type of landing page is used at the later stage of the sales funnel, when they are about to buy the product. It ensures them that they are safe and are about to grow. Make sure you are doing it right. Look for a web design company (Australia) if you have any doubt. It is the matter of good or bad customer relationships – https://blurn.com/au/marketing-automation-crm-services/ .

Click-Through Landing Page!

This is a short page that is placed at the end of the sales funnel and works on giving a sweet message to the customer before they move on to the final purchase page. Click-Through Landing pages do not have a contact form because they do not collect any information. Use it for those people of which you are sure that they already know about the product and will just slip in. This landing page must have words well chosen because the page will be short; the colors must be accurate and the graphics used fine enough.

Product / Service Page

This type of page tells about the products or services you offer. The information is precise, to the point, and friendly enough to weave them in trust. These types of pages are used at the website and are used in the middle of the sales funnel.

Video Landing Page

If you think that a video is required to tell the story of your product and services, this landing page could be great for your website. Create a great infomercial and tell people how they can get ahead using their products or services. The video must be able to hook people from the very start. The good thing about video is that it has the most capability of turning people in. It uses music, graphics, story, visuals, etc.

How to get the right landing page for your business?

If you are doing it alone, make sure you have enough knowledge of coding. Website builders are good for beginners and those who are limited by money. However, website builders slow down the website and it might cost your business much more.

Or you may look for a web design company. When it comes to a web design company, Australia has many great options. You may check out https://blurn.com/au/marketing-automation-crm-services/ .