Why Social Media promotion is Important for the Growth of Small Businesses?

Social Media Marketing has now become a very important part of the online marketing system especially amongst the small businesses due to its cost-effectiveness, an ability to reach the target audience quickly and generating more leads as well as sales.

So here are some of the benefits of social media with SEO Company in Ahmedabad which make it important for a business especially small business who are doing seo:

  1. Social media is inexpensive and effective

Social Media Marketing is a very important thing for the small businesses since it’s inexpensive and has an ability of reaching a large number of the target audience within very less time and less efforts.

  1. Branding may be done efficiently on Social Media

Social Media Marketing is one of the best tools for the small businesses for promoting and branding their business. Almost 83% of the customers prefer connecting to brand on FB and about 53% on the Twitter platform. A study conducted by Neilson reported that approximately 46% of the user’s online count on the social media while making their purchasing decision and about 50% of the shoppers make their purchases on the basis of the recommendations on the social- media websites.

  1. Customer acquisition is very easy on Social Media networks

With almost of the population of the world registered with various social-media platforms, chances of getting new customers are quite high on the social-media websites. There’re approximately 1.75 billion social-media users.

  1. Social Media helps in directly interacting with the customer

With the help of social-media, the businesses may interact directly with their customers. Small businesses may allure customers by keeping them engaged with interactive techniques like answers, polls, questions, etc.

  1. Social Media Marketing may generate more sales and leads

Social –media marketing has a very important role to play for generating leads and thereby increasing the sales to businesses. According to a survey, 71% of the social-media users are likely to buy products from the brands which they’re connected with on the social-media websites. According to a study, Social Media produces double the leads than any other method of marketing.

  1. Small businesses plan to increase time spent on the social media networks

So now since we know about all the advantages of social-media marketing, a lot of small businesses have also increased the investment as well as time spent on the social-media marketing. The businesses which are active on the social media networks and share some useful content have also witnessed improvements in their small businesses.

According to a study, 21% of the small businesses marketers spend approximately one hour on the social media pages every day and about 58% of the small-businesses spend about 10 minutes every day on the social media platforms. According to a study, about 50% of the businesses are said that they’ve increased their time which is spent on the social media networks and have gained new clients too.

Social-media marketing is a wonderful way of building the brand of a small business and increasing the customer base.