Learning & Implementing Link Building On the Go

Learning & Implementing Link Building On the Go

The process of Link Building is like a workplace setting where it requires both learning and implementation simultaneously. Learning without implementation produces nothing. Implementation without learning produces nothing worthwhile. So, in a Link Building process, learning and implementation should go hand-in-hand and improvements have to be part of the implementation process on the go. As new tools, techniques and platforms are kept introduced along the process, the Link Building expert has to constantly look out for new tricks, techniques, tools and strategies to bring about the best possible results.

There are three stages for a Link Building campaign. They are:

  1. Before the launch
  2. During the launch
  3. Post launch

A typical campaign may last from 3 months to 1 year. Being that, it is not necessarily that you should absolutely follow the same stereotype strategy or insulate your plan of action by not allowing new ideas for the full length of the campaign. In fact, the more flexible your Link Building process is, the more effective it becomes. So, set broad-based strategies for your whole Link Building campaign with its set of activities and plans for execution. But, keep the execution or implementation part open so that new ideas, opportunities and tools can be incorporated for bettering the process and improving the results.

A great deal of learning and research is necessary before the launch of the campaign to make the strategy sound and robust. In a Link Building process, the learning module has to be kept open and proactive so that implementation can be effected with real fanfare, fire and innovation and the strategy can also be given a shot or two to make it even more strong, relevant, active and latest.

In the post campaign phase you can completely revamp your overall strategy and action plan with new learnings and outright changes. But, it is not compulsory but it is a good and welcome step so that you can incorporate the latest knowledge, techniques, technologies, know-how and  approaches. By measuring the performance and effectiveness of the Link Building campaign and checking the goals and results achieved, you can strengthen the process in order to boost your brand. You can make your brand more trustable and by using the insight, you can improve your strategy for better performance or create new strategy that fits the bill. Know more about Perfectlinkbuilding here.

Continuous Learning: A Prerequisite of Link Building

The Internet is changing by the day and it is good to check and incorporate new ideas and norms in your Link Building process every cyclic period which may be 3 to 6 months. This is really necessary to learn the tricks of the game and introduce new things to your Link Building activities so that it doesn’t get redundant. So, keep watching out for upcoming platforms, new and emerging terms and terminologies, jargons, new set of keywords,  news and events in your industry as well as new technologies being introduced. Such an initiative allows for targeting your advertisements and promotions better.

In addition to that, you have to check various tools being introduced for analytics, social sentiment analysis, keyword analysis and such things. For example, you check the Google algorithm periodically to learn how it is improved and modified, and what factors it is adding to its existing ones to rank a web page in its search results given a search term. History of a website and the backend keywords used be primary norms for getting a website listed on top of  Google search results in the early stages. But, currently Google is understandably using about 200 factors in its algorithm to rank a website. Without understanding how Google is ranking a website, you cannot image top page rankings for your keywords. Even ignorant or blant bleach of Google algorithm gets your website penalized and blacklisted.  In such a case, your website could never be made available in Google search results.

So, you have to understand how different tools operate and how they can be effectively used to promote your Link Building process. This is possible only through constant and continuous learning of all the various happenings in the fields of Link Building and Digital Marketing. See seo packages brisbane here.

Think Before You Link

It is apt to say: Know the field before you enter into it. Better be forewarned and forearmed before entering the war field. Otherwise, you will be a sorry figure when you get into the field not knowing the tricks and methods to deal with the situation. The Internet is changing in every sense and every bit of time. So, you have to get the best of the situation and make your brand stand out rather than just merely play the game. To be successful in Link Building, you should know what it means to be promoting your links through the various actions and activities and on what many ways you can really stand up in the crowd. You have to know the different constituents of the Link Building process like brand building, creating brand presence, getting backlinks, content promotion, keywords marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, funnel marketing and sales conversions and use various methods to get the best results possible in order to make your Link Building process unique, proactive, winsome and winning-some.

Link & Think On The Go

As said earlier, you have to keep thinking on the go and as you get set for that. You have to constantly look out for better ideas and make your campaigns even more effective quite often. By using new tools, you can make your campaign strong and vibrant which infuses more confidence in your team as well as in your industry and helps improve your results. So, adopt all possible measures that you can and make your Link Building process new, refreshing and resilient on the go.

Rethink & Re-link

This can be done during the implementation process. As you learn new things, get them implemented during the course of implementation so that you are always going strong, live and kicking. You don’t have to wait for the campaign period to get over so that you might infuse or add new ideas and tricks for the upcoming campaign to be successful. You can implement the new learnings and ideas even in the present or ongoing campaign while keeping the strategy framework unchanged. You can incorporate new ideas in the action plan and make it more effective and productive than what you projected and perceived in the beginning.

Learn the Trends

You can learn the ongoing trends and if possible, you can create new trends in Link Building and make your customers experience them. You can make their engagements with your brand exciting and exhilarating while reading your content and clicking through your links. You can be a trendsetter of sorts if you can effectively run market-beating strategies and campaigns with trendsetting ideas and plans. This is not only about the improvement of your content or keywords. You have to really rope in or add new ideas, methods and platforms so that you can be better off than your competition.

Learn from Competition

More often than not, your competitors can throw light on what you should do to make your strategy better. They could have spent years of time or gone through tons of resources to learn to implement their great and winning ideas and strategies. You have a chance here to watch over them and get a feel of what really makes them tick.

That gives you an inside picture of what you should be doing differently to make your brand stand out and sell better. You need not copy them but rather outsmart them. For this, you can check out how their strategies are, how their strategize their reach, what keywords they are using for their promotions, what kinds of promotion they are undertaking, what type of content posts they are using, what social media accounts they are adopting, what backlinks and Anchor Texts they are using, what web pages they are linking to their backlink URLs, how they are able to reach out to their target audience and such things. Then, you will get better ideas and you will be in a better position to achieve your goals in a very short cycle. To compare and learn ideas and techniques, the kind of competitors you have to look at are this: your closest competitors to start with and the rest of them next.

Learn from Experience

You can learn from your own experience and results of your Link Building activities and see the various correlations between the various actions that you performed and get insight and patterns. Next, you can work out to see how best you can improve on the various parameters and incorporate the same for ongoing and upcoming campaigns for achieving better results and improvement.


Learn and interact with the best of experts, involve them in your Link Building strategy formulation, implementation process and post analysis activities. Because, they will bring in their expertise, knowledge and resources, and make your Link Building process purposeful and a huge success. They can make a huge difference out of their efforts, years of experience and knowledge from their past engagements. So, learn as a team and implement the learnings into your process and make your Link Building highly successful.