Why Laptop Repairs could be More Expensive & Tough?


Laptops are evolving day by day and are turning out to be thinner, faster and lighter with better resolution screens. However, packing all the technology in a shrinking laptop has made it a tough task to repair. Unlike laptops that were sold a few years back, the ultrabooks of the day have become thinner and difficult to disassemble. Also, they have few replaceable and repairable parts that could be repaired by a certified PC technician who is well trained to carry out laptop repairs. If you are looking for computer services, you could carry out an online search and find many agencies that offer computer repairs Brisbane. However, take a look at some of the reasons how repairing the latest laptops have become expensive.

  •         Making use of proprietary components

It is one of the leading reasons why repairing laptops has become expensive. To keep things small and light, Naini manufacturers have to look for custom components that are standardized only for particular products. Hence when one laptop is replaced with a new model, it could be impossible to find the replacement parts. Certain manufacturers do not have replacement parts for laptops of their brand. Hence, the laptop repair technician should do the job of figuring out an alternative repair method or simply inform the owner of the laptop as unrepairable due to lack of access to the right spare parts.

  •         Uses more integrated circuits

Integrated circuits are an increasing reason why the size of electronics is shrinking almost every day. However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this is the fact that they lack screws or hinges that could be lifted to open them up and replace the faulty parts. An IC would require replacement when it blows off. Finding a replacement for that is not easy. Most of the ICs used in laptops cannot be purchased by a regular repair centre and it could be very expensive. This would add overheads to repairs. Smart laptop repair professionals would make a lot of improvisations while carrying out the repairs but the choices would mean that the laptop would fail to last longer. The alternative is only to send the laptop back to the manufacturer to repair it if it is under warranty.

  •         Newer components are not designed to be repaired

A brilliant order is that a laptop repair technician cannot repair the fault in some components properly. The reason is that the proprietary technology contents are sealed by the manufacturers without any hinges or screws. The only method a technician can fix a failing laptop is to find a replacement of the faulty piece which may cost a lot. They could find similar replacement pieces only with someone whose laptop has failed but have the replacement part needed intact. This would make the repair process an expensive and difficult option from the customer’s point of view.

  •        The cost of connecting wires and boards have increased

Things like keyboard connectors, screen connecting cables would differ from one manufacturer to another. Some manufacturers make use of a specific type of connector which cannot be interchanged with the connectors available for other laptops. Thus, when the wires fail, the replacement wire might become expensive as the cost of the wires keeps rising. The screen’s cable most commonly fails in most laptops and the price of the repair would vary. However, this would happen to be the most expensive for laptop repairs with high-resolution displays.