What Causes the Constant Poop Smell in My Bathroom?

I don’t know about you, but my bathroom has always had a constant odor. It’s not a bad smell, per se—just the faintest whiff of poop. At first I thought it might be coming from my water heater, but when I opened that up, there was nothing wrong with it at all.

So then I thought maybe my shower got Blocked Drains Caulfield with hair or soap scum or something like that. But when I took apart my drain pipe and looked inside… nope! Nothing there either! Then one day while taking out the garbage disposal under the sink, I noticed something unusual:

A Bad Wax Seal

Wax seals are the little rings of wax that you see on the sides of your toilet tank. These act as a barrier between the water in your toilet, and any dirt and debris that might have found its way into the tank. The wax seal keeps these nasty things out of sight, where they can’t do any harm.

A bad wax seal can cause all kinds of problems—the smell is just one of them. If there’s too much moisture in your bathroom (for example because it’s not being ventilated properly), then mold may grow behind your tank’s flange (the silver thing at the bottom).

That will give off an unpleasant odor as well, but it’s also prone to dripping onto whatever surface happens to be below: if this is wood flooring or even tile grout then you’ll likely have a messy clean-up job ahead when some water leaks out from under there!

Venting Problems

  • Air in the vent line. Air can get into a vent line if the cap is not working properly, or if it’s clogged with debris.
  • Vent pipe is clogged. The vent pipe may be too short and therefor subject to back pressure, which causes the gases to build up in your home and emit through your bathroom fan vent.
  • Sewer gas is entering the home through the vent pipe. If wastewater is entering into your home through an improperly installed or broken sewer line, sewer gas can enter through your bathroom fan vent as well

Dry P Trap

If you notice your toilet bowl is filled with water, then your trap is probably not dry. A dry trap is one where there isn’t any water in the pipe.

Toilets are designed to pull waste into a small chamber that’s connected to the pipe below the floor and then fill it with water before sending it down through another pipe leading outside of your home. This keeps bad smells from wafting into your bathroom and house when you flush your toilet or have guests over for dinner parties!

If there’s no water in that pipe, however, anything that goes down there will sit for too long without being flushed out properly (especially if you need some extra time on the potty).

That can lead to unpleasant odors coming up from underfoot as well as sewer gas seeping into nearby rooms or basements due to pungent fumes escaping through cracks in dirt floors—and we’re sure no one wants those kinds of things happening at their place either!

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Blocked Drain Pipe

Blocked drain pipes are the most common cause of bad smells in a bathroom. If you have a blocked drain pipe, you can use one of these methods to unblock it:

  • Cleaning Your Drain Pipe With Vinegar – Add two cups of vinegar to your blocked sink or bathtub and let it sit for 15 minutes before running some hot water through it.
  •  If this doesn’t work, try pouring baking soda down the drain (a quarter cup at a time) before adding vinegar again. Repeat these steps until you’ve got rid of all blockages and the smell is gone for good!
  • You can buy this from any home improvement store or online if needed; simply follow their instructions on how much liquid to pour into your pipes with warm water flowing through them.
  • After ten minutes or so, run hot water through as usual while using a plunger if necessary—this should push out any clogs that may be present!

Sewer Gas Leaks

Sewer gas leaks are often caused by a faulty pipe. However, it can also be caused by an overflowing toilet or sink. If these issues aren’t fixed, they can lead to fecal matter leaking into your home through the drain and giving off a strong smell of poop.

 In addition to this smell, sewer gas leaks can also cause dizziness, headaches and nausea from exposure to toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Sewer gas leaks must be dealt with quickly because they’re dangerous for both humans and animals alike. If you notice that your bathroom smells like poop consistently but no one in your household has been taking laxatives recently—or if you’re experiencing health issues related to the smell—it might be time to call a plumber!


We hope that this article has helped you understand the causes for a bad smell in your bathroom which could be probably Blocked Drains Caulfield. If you’re still having problems with it, please contact an expert now.