What Are The Most Common Family Law Disputes?

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The law is a complicated beast, and it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for legal advice. Luckily, Family Lawyer Melbourne is always here to help! In this guide, we’ll go through some of the most common family law disputes that come up in family law cases—and how they might affect you or someone you love.

Child custody/access.

On the other side of the coin, there is child custody. This is when the parent with whom the child resides has sole authority over making decisions about their care and upbringing.

The different types of child custody are joint physical, sole physical, split custody (50/50), and guardianship.

Joint physical refers to shared decision-making between both parents in regards to all aspects of their child’s life, including education, religion, and general health care. Sole physical refers to one parent retaining full decision-making rights over their children while they are in their care; this may also include overnight stays with either parent.  

Family Violence.

Family violence can include physical, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse. There are several forms of family violence:

Physical abuse is the use of force or physical control by a person against another. It may involve punching or kicking, but also can take the form of pushing, slapping, and burning.

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact that causes you to feel frightened, threatened, or pressured into doing something you don’t want to do. It includes forced intercourse in all its forms (oral sex or vaginal intercourse). If someone forces himself or herself on you after drinking alcohol or taking drugs together – it’s still sexual assault!

Emotional abuse involves words and actions that hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself. This type of abuse can be hard for others to see because it’s not always obvious from looking at the victim what is going on inside their head (e.g., constant put-downs/name calling)

Child relocation/abduction.

Child abduction is a serious issue, as it can cause significant emotional trauma and financial loss to the parent who has been unlawfully denied custody rights. The answer to this question isn’t straightforward because there are several different types of abductions that occur under family law, especially when it comes to disputes over child custody or visitation rights. There are two main types of child abduction: a legal kidnapping (involuntary removal from one residence or another) and an illegal kidnapping (when someone takes your child without your consent). The consequences of both types vary significantly depending on the circumstances; for example, if a person was taken out of the country against their will then they may need help getting back into their home country while also seeking damages in court against whoever took them away in the first place if possible (again depending on what happened). Regardless though, when children go missing, parents should know how best to handle such situations so they can protect their children from harm as well as themselves from being falsely accused by others who might not care about either party involved but only want money instead!

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Same-sex relationships.

Same-sex relationships are a relatively new phenomenon and can be complex. They often require more legal work than traditional marriages due to the absence of federal laws that protect same-sex couples from discrimination in housing and employment. In addition, there is still no uniform way to divide property acquired by same-sex couples during their relationship.

It’s important for you to keep an open mind when navigating these issues; if you’re not willing to educate yourself about different lifestyles, it’s unlikely that your partner will be able to learn from your experience with other people’s divorce cases either.

While it may seem like a burden has been placed on both parties by having to deal with such difficult issues in family law cases involving same-sex relationships, this is actually an opportunity for growth: those who approach these situations with empathy are likely going to have better outcomes than those who don’t feel comfortable enough yet with themselves or their partner’s situation

Inheritance disputes without wills.

Inheritance disputes without wills are the most common family law disputes. This is because, as a general rule, heirs inherit equally regardless of how they were related to the deceased. However, there may be circumstances where you want to change this arrangement and/or create a different order of inheritance than what was previously agreed upon. The best way to avoid an inheritance dispute is by having a will in place so that anyone who inherits can clearly see their rights and responsibilities under your wishes. 

If one party believes another person should have been named as beneficiary instead of him/herself-then this could also lead to an inheritance dispute without wills!

Parentage Disputes.

Parentage disputes are common in family law. They can be caused by a child’s parentage not being established, or they can be contested by one of the parents. The most common cause of parentage disputes is a child’s parentage not being established.

Examples include:

A man and woman were married and had children together, but then separated for several years before divorcing. During the separation, the man met another woman who was pregnant with his child; he wanted to be sure that this new baby was his so that he could properly care for her.

A woman gave birth to twins after using two different sperm donors during artificial insemination treatments; she wanted to marry both fathers in order for everyone involved (including herself) to claim parental rights over both babies equally.


Family law disputes can be a complex and stressful area of law. However, Family Lawyer Melbourne is always often the last resort for those who feel unable to resolve the issues themselves. If you are looking for advice on what steps to take next, contact an experienced family lawyer in your local area today!