What to Ask Your Family Attorney During Your First Meeting?

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If you are in need of a family attorney, chances are that you are going through a stressful situation. The thought of meeting with an attorney for the first time can be overwhelming. To make sure that your important first meeting is as productive as possible, considering family law firms in Melbourne is important to come prepared with a list of questions. Here are five questions to ask during your important first meeting with a family attorney.  

What Are Your Credentials? 

When searching for a family attorney, it’s important to know what kind of experience they have and whether they specialise in family law. You should ask your prospective attorney about their credentials and any relevant certifications they may possess. Family law firms in Melbourne will help you determine if the attorney is the right fit for your case. It’s also helpful to look up their online reviews or speak to someone who has used their services before so that you can get an idea about how knowledgeable and professional the lawyer is.  

How Long Have You Been Practicing Law? 

This is another important question to ask when meeting with a family attorney for the first time. Knowing how long they have been practicing law will give you an idea of their experience level and how many cases they have handled over the years that might be similar to yours. This information will also help you understand what methods they use when dealing with different situations and how successful those methods have been in the past.  

 How Will We Communicate? 

It is essential that there be clear communication between both parties throughout the duration of your case. Before you begin working together, make sure that you discuss how often the two of you will communicate and what method works best for both parties (email, phone calls, etc.). If possible, set up a schedule for regular check-ins so that everyone remains on top of updates regarding your case and any changes or developments along the way. This way, both parties are aware of everything that is happening at all times and there won’t be any surprises at any point in time during your case proceedings.  

Family Lawyers Melbourne

 What Are My Rights? 

Your rights as an individual should always be taken into consideration whenever dealing with legal matters involving family law firms in Melbourne such as divorce or child custody disputes, among other things. It’s important to know exactly what rights are afforded to each party involved in these types of cases—and it’s even more crucial if children are involved since there could be additional rights concerning them as well depending on where you live and which state laws apply specifically to your case. Make sure that your lawyer explains all applicable laws and regulations so that both parties fully understand their rights moving forward in order to ensure fair proceedings throughout the duration of your case together.   

What Should I Expect From Our Relationship? 

The relationship between client and lawyer can vary from one person or situation to another; however, it’s still good practice for attorneys to provide clients with some insight into what type of relationship dynamic can be expected once represented by them officially moving forward. 

Some lawyers prefer frequent communication while others prefer less contact; either way, make sure that these expectations are made clear early on so there isn’t any confusion or misunderstanding down the line when it comes time for updates regarding progress on cases or decisions regarding the next steps needed from either party involved in order for proceedings to move forward correctly according to legal standards set forth by governing bodies within specific states or regions around country/globe if applicable depending upon jurisdiction involved in the situation at hand too obviously! 


When selecting family law firms in Melbourne, it’s essential that you do plenty of research ahead of time so that you can find an experienced lawyer who understands all aspects of your particular case—and then come prepared with questions during your initial meeting with them; this ensures two-way communication is established clearly upfront too! Asking these five questions during this initial consultation will help ensure maximum efficiency throughout the duration of proceeding together plus allow both parties to understand key roles/responsibilities each playing moving forward optimally too! Ultimately, ensuring mutually beneficial outcomes achieved when all is said & done eventually certainly hopefully! Good luck finding the perfect lawyer match today! 🙂