Just what does “Party Wall Notification” mean?

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Party Wall Solutions Disputes To begin, let’s define “Party Wall Notice” and then we can talk about how a neighbouring property owner can object to one.

If you intend to perform any work that is covered by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, it is required by law that you give your neighbours a Party Wall Notice.

Party Wall Notices must be given to adjacent property owners in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 if the proposed construction projects are subject to the Act.

The point of serving Party Wall Notices is to let your neighbours know what kinds of work will be done and under what parts of the Act.

The correct information must be included on the Party Wall Notice, such as the owner’s and/or their surveyor’s address and contact details, and the Party Wall Notice is typically accompanied by drawings, as required by section 6.

Also, there’s a deadline for responding to and serving the Party Wall Notice.

Work requiring a Party Wall Notice under Section 1/6 of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 must be announced at least one calendar month in advance.

But if your job falls under Section 6, you’ll need to give notice at least two months before you start digging.

It is the right of the building owner or their surveyor to appoint a party wall surveyor on their behalf if the Notice is not responded to within the time specified in the Notice, which is considered a dissent.

Methods for Resolving a Party Wall Consent Notification This is the best case scenario for building owners, since it means they can get started on their projects without interference and can rest assured that any problems that emerge as a result of the renovations will be addressed amicably.

Disagree and select a Joint Surveyor
When this happens, the neighbouring property owner disagrees with the building owner’s Party Wall Notice and instead chooses to hire the same Party Wall Surveyor. With a single surveyor representing both parties, the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and Party Wall Surveying procedures can be upheld with confidence.

Make your own Party Wall Surveyor appointments if you disagree.
Appointing your own Party Wall Surveyor is your last dissident choice when responding to a Party Wall Notice. As such, both the adjacent owner and the building owner would hire a Party Wall Surveyor to ensure compliance with the Act and Party Wall Surveying standards.

With any luck, this has shed some light on how Party Wall Surveying works and what you can do in response to a Party Wall Notice.

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