Do Home Buyers Really Know What They’re Looking for in a Property?

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If you’re in the real estate business and people come to you to ask, What do home buyers look for in a property? How would you answer that question? Is there any way to know what they’re really looking for? If so, how can you find out without directly asking them? I think it would be safe to say that most home buyers are looking for three main things when they go out house hunting. These things can be summed up in one word – comfort. This is where Real estate agents Ferntree Gully come in to help you with this process where you can as a buyers feel comfortable in their homes, not just physically but emotionally as well.


Having your real estate agent tour you around properties with empty rooms, bare walls and minimal flooring might seem like a great idea. But if your home has a boring layout, it can be hard to visualize how an actual buyer will feel when they look at it – because they’ll have all of their personal belongings inside. Give buyers an idea of what they’ll be moving into by furnishing each room so that you can show off your taste, plus avoid any criticisms from them down the track. After all, choosing your own colour scheme is one thing—but having to live with someone else’s colour scheme is quite another!


Real estate agents can help guide you to areas of opportunity, such as close proximity to amenities like schools and transport. The value of properties increases with some level of convenience nearby. It’s not necessary to live on the main road or next door to your local shopping centre – all that matters is that you have reasonable access. If buying an investment property, you’ll want to take your specific income expectations into account before deciding where to buy. Maybe properties located near transport hubs are more likely to increase in value over time; maybe they aren’t.

Real Estate Agents Ferntree Gully


Buying a home is exciting, but that doesn’t mean you need to throw logic out of your window. Find Real Estate Agents Ferntree who always suggest my clients focus on basic practical elements over luxuries when shopping for real estate. If you want a luxury apartment, then you’ll probably be better off renting; if you want an affordable place to live with all of your desired amenities, however, there are plenty of choices—and Ferntree Gully has some great ones! Don’t overlook suburbs that might seem less obvious but have everything you need both affordability and convenience.


Although it may seem self-evident to real estate agents, or any homeowner looking to sell their property, knowing exactly what you are looking for is imperative to finding your ideal property. In order to save time and money, prospective home buyers must work out what they want from home before they begin house hunting; whether it be indoor/outdoor flow, an open floor plan or something more specific like proximity to schools or public transport. It goes without saying that properties should be thoroughly researched online and through local agents before viewing so that prospective buyer have at least an idea of what they’re looking for when viewing homes.


Real estate agents are extremely busy, so it’s unlikely that you can get their attention just by asking. Instead, arrange to meet them at open houses or other events where there are more prospects around. Use these events as opportunities to build rapport with real estate agents and have short conversations about your goals—without trying to sell them anything on-the-spot. Like any relationship, you’ll get further by being friendly than by trying to force business on someone who isn’t interested.