Never Miss to Include These Things Before Painting Exterior Wall

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Don’t wait for your wall paints to start peeling off – once you find your home starts losing the charm, it’s necessary to approach expert Painters South Yarra to give a stroke of paint. It’s important to know the right time to repaint the house. The home painting can literally do the magic when you apply the colour on the wall.

If you plan to do the job on your own rather than finding out the professional Painters St Kilda, you would come to know that preparation is an important part of home painting.

As per the team of house painters kew it’s suggested to rely only upon professional painters instead of doing it on your own when it comes to painting exterior wall.

Read to know how professionals handle the exterior wall painting job in three easy steps.

Step 1. Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most underrated aspects of wall painting job that most of us ignore at an initial stage. We could ignore, but professionals don’t. The exterior of your home collects kits of materials, it could be dirt, dust, moss or even grime. When you choose to paint on a slightly unclean surface could be literally a waste of time and money. The first step is to consider your home exterior cleaning with a sponge and some warm soapy water to deal with that stubborn dirt and grime.      

Step 2. Sanding

It is essential if you are repainting a surface that is actually in a bad condition. Even, it is smooth and without much peeling or cracking, it will not give the surface light sand. This has even the effect of balancing the wall so that you can apply the paint smoothly. If your exterior has an uneven surface, it’s suggested to contact professional exterior home painter. If the surface is in worse shape with lots of holes and cracks, it’s essential to make use of a body filler to fill in the gaps every time it affects the surface.

Step 3. Priming

Priming is always recommended for all the painting jobs especially if you are going to choose a new colour. Some of the outdoor surfaces like timber can provide adhesion for the paint to spread properly on the surface. No need to consider priming when you are about to paint the exterior and go through the risk of ending up with the patchy finish. If you plan to select the paint colour over any other colour, you might see the shade through the new colour unless you add primer coats on the wall.

How you handle the painting job will depend upon the surface where you plan to paint. There are endless primers available for metal, plaster, timber, or concrete so it’s essential to make sure using formulated for the specific wall surface.

Turning up,

So before you go through exterior wall painting, never forget to approach expert wall Painters South Yarra as soon as possible. Contact us today for more updates.