The Role Of A Home Stylist In An Interior Design Project

home stylist

When you hire a home stylist, you’re hiring someone with years of experience in working with homeowners to create an interior design project that’s cohesive and beautiful.

During the process, they’ll work closely with you to ensure the vision is realised—and it doesn’t stop there!

A stylist can offer advice on everything from furniture styling and colour coordination to accessorising your space. Here are just some of their responsibilities:

Creating a vision for the project

Once you’ve been hired for the job, it’s time to get started! First things first: create a mood board.

This is where you’ll gather inspiration for your design project by collecting images from magazines, books and Pinterest that reflect what kind of look you want to create in the home. You can also use your own personal style as inspiration for what kind of look would be best suited for your client’s space or even their personality.

A professional home stylist will help guide you through choosing colours and furniture pieces that are right for each room in the house–and ultimately make sure everything fits together seamlessly when all is said and done!

home stylist

Space planning and furniture arrangement

Space planning and furniture arrangement are the first steps to creating a space that works. Space planning is the process of determining how much space you have, which rooms will be used for what purposes and how they connect together.

It’s important to consider your lifestyle and habits when deciding how to use your home’s rooms.

Furniture arrangement is another important step in interior design because it can make or break a room’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

You should always start with the furniture pieces you’ve chosen or inherited before arranging them in different configurations until something feels right–this may take several trials before finding a layout that works well for all parties involved!

Colour and material selection

When we talk about colour and material selection, we are talking about the most important elements in a room. Colour is what makes a room come alive. It can be used to create balance and harmony, or it can be used to create contrast and drama! It’s all up to you!

Colour can also be used as an accent piece by using one colour throughout your home and adding pops of another hue here and there. You could even use three different shades of green within one space if that’s what suits your style best!

When choosing materials for your interior design project, keep in mind that some materials are warmer than others (wood) while others are cooler (steel).

This will help determine which direction you want your design to go in terms of mood–warmth versus coolness–and theme–rustic versus modernity–before making any decisions about fabrics or paint colours.

Accessorising and styling

Accessorising and styling are two sides of the same coin. Accessorising is the art of making a room look complete by adding the finishing touches that make it feel complete, while styling is about making a room beautiful by arranging furniture and other items in such a way as to make them stand out in an attractive way.

Styling is an ongoing process; you always have something new to add or change in order to keep your interior design project interesting. If you’re looking for inspiration on how best to do this, there are plenty of books and websites dedicated solely to home styling tips!


The role of a home stylist is to help you create the home of your dreams. They can take care of everything from colour and material selection, space planning and furniture arrangement to accessorising and styling.

With their expertise in these areas, they will ensure that every aspect of your project goes smoothly so that you can sit back and enjoy what should be an exciting time!