Is SEO a Scam? 4 SEO Scam Tactics You Should Lookout For

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If you’re running a website, the chances are high that you have encountered some unsavoury characters attempting to take advantage of your efforts. From automated link building services to fake SEO “experts” offering quick fixes, SEO company Auckland experts suggests that falling prey to these scam artists can quickly become an expensive mistake with long-term consequences for your brand’s reputation. 

In this blog post, we’re going over the most common SEO scammers and what tactics they use in an effort to con unsuspecting business owners out of their hard earned money. Don’t worry if some of their language sounds like double talk – by the end of this article, you’ll not only know how to recognise these types of scams when they appear in your inbox or across social media channels but also what do do instead! 

  • Guaranteed Rankings 

One of the most common scams is when an SEO company Auckland promises guaranteed rankings. There’s no way to guarantee where your website will rank in search results because Google, Bing, and other search engines all use different algorithms that are constantly changing. If any company claims they can guarantee a certain ranking, they are likely trying to scam you.

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  • Paid Links 

Another tactic some unscrupulous companies may try is selling links or adding paid links on other websites in order to increase backlinks for their own sites – otherwise known as link farming. This practice is considered black hat SEO and can result in penalties from search engines if discovered. It should also be noted that buying or selling links goes against the guidelines of many popular websites, including Google and Facebook. 

  • Fake Reviews 

Online reviews have become increasingly important for businesses as consumers rely heavily on them when making purchasing decisions. Unfortunately, some companies take advantage of this by creating fake reviews or paying people to write positive reviews about their services or products without disclosing this information publicly in violation of FTC rules and regulations. Make sure you research companies thoroughly before hiring them so you know exactly who you’re dealing with.                               

  • Automatic Link Building Software

Many automated link building software programs exist but they are not recommended as they do not take into account the quality of the links being built nor whether those links actually benefit your website traffic or search engine rankings in any way shape or form. According to Christchurch SEO company, automated link building programs often generate low-quality backlinks which can even cause penalties from search engines if detected which would result in your website losing its rankings altogether! It’s best to avoid these types of link building software altogether and opt for manual link building techniques instead.


Overall, it’s important to do your due diligence when researching potential SEO company Auckland so that you don’t end up getting scammed or taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies looking to make a quick buck off unsuspecting consumers who don’t know any better. By understanding what tactics to look out for such as guaranteed rankings, paid links, fake reviews, and automatic link building software – among others – you can ensure that you hire an honest company who will provide legitimate services that will help improve your website’s visibility online while avoiding any potential scams in the process!