Why do You Need Public Liability Insurance for Your Property?

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Public Liability Insurance, also known as PLI, is an essential legal requirement for running any kind of business. The terms of your PLI policy will depend on how you use your property, what you do and how many people visit it. It’s also vital that your property has sufficient PLI to cover the costs of any injuries or property damage that might happen while someone is there.

Make sure you get the right level of PLI insurance to suit your business!

  • What Is It?

Insurance For Business Assets covers you if a member of your public suffers an injury on your property and is able to sue you. In that situation, it will pay for your legal costs and damages if you are found liable. It’s not just hotels that need it—any business open to customers, from shops to gyms, needs public liability cover in case they cause an accident or illness.

Public Liability Insurance NZ

  • Does My Business Need PL Insurance?

It depends on a variety of factors. Here are a few reasons why you might need PL insurance If your business uses equipment or machinery to complete its services, it’s important to have insurance in case something goes wrong and someone is injured as a result. For example, if your company is an electrician and there’s an accident with faulty wiring, you could be held liable for any injuries that occur as a result.

  • What Are The Benefits of Having PLI?

PLI insures your business against personal injury and property damage claims. These sorts of lawsuits can be very expensive, both in terms of legal fees and settlement payouts. PLI helps to protect you from these costs if someone is injured on your property or if they damage a part of it while they’re visiting. As well as protecting you financially, PLI also protects your reputation. If there’s an incident at one of your properties, having insurance means that you can respond quickly and efficiently to limit any negative publicity surrounding it.

  • Common Sources of Liability Risks in a Business Setting

Running a business comes with a certain amount of risk, and many of these risks are connected to property damage or injury. As an owner or employee, your insurance policy will protect you against liability-related claims. However, some common sources of liability risk in a business setting include You’re at least aware of your responsibility to provide a safe work environment, but there are still plenty of opportunities for accidents to happen. If someone slips on wet flooring or gets injured by equipment that is not properly maintained, they could sue you if their injuries were caused by negligence on your part. Workers’ compensation covers injuries sustained on the job, but it does not cover personal injuries suffered outside of work—and it only covers employees who have been working with you for at least three months.


If you have a retail outlet, restaurant or other property that regularly holds people who are visiting your premises, then you’ll need public liability insurance. This type of policy is available to both commercial and domestic owners but only comes into play if someone suffers an injury on your premises.