What To Check For When Getting The Delivery Of Your New Car?

Say for example that you are planning to buy a brand new Kia. The first thing that would come to your mind is finding reliable and trustworthy Kia dealerships in Melbourne to buy your dream car. Everything went well, you have the right deal on the table and you decided to go down for it. Now you would get the delivery of your car. The process is this simple.

Well, partially it is right, before taking the delivery of your new Kia from the best Kia dealer Melbourne. There are certain aspects that you need to make sure of. If you do not have a clue about it, not a problem as we have compiled a list of some of the most important things to look for before taking the delivery of your brand new car.

  • Documentation

After you’ve decided on an automobile, the following step is to go over the paperwork. Check to see if the vehicle’s VIN, engine number, and chassis number correspond to the paperwork provided by the dealer. Last but not least, double-check that your name, address, and other personal information are correct and consistent across documents.

  • Interior

Examine all of the panels and upholstery inside the vehicle. Check to see if the glovebox closes properly and that the upholstery is free of stains. Remove the carpets and inspect the floor pan for any abnormalities that could indicate that the automobile was damaged during transport to the dealership. Also, make sure that none of the glassware or mirrors has any scratches or cracks. Furthermore, all of the buttons and switches must be properly installed.

Kia dealerships in Melbourne
Kia dealerships in Melbourne
  • Electricals

Look for tangled cables, damaged parts, oil leak indications, and wires that have been misplaced, cut, or reassembled. Lights, wipers, music systems, and power windows should all be turned on. The air conditioning and remote locks should both function. Check the horn to see if it’s working properly. Check the ports that you can use for the music system and bring a flash drive or CDs. Test the control buttons, speakers, and all other audio equipment as well.

  • External Inspection

You’ve spent lakhs of rupees on your dream car. It is entirely within your rights to demand the greatest product possible. Keep in mind that the vehicle is not built in the showroom. It is delivered from manufacturing or a warehouse. 

The most vulnerable locations are the rubber seals around windows and doors. Look for even the tiniest cracks and insist on having them replaced. The tyres are really important. Examine the tread depth and look for any flat patches. This is something your companion should be able to handle better. Turn on the lights and check to see whether the bulbs are flickering. It implies a problem with the wiring or the battery.

  • Test Drive 

Before accepting the delivery, the best Kia dealer Melbourne insist on a test drive. Drive the car yourself as often as possible. You’ll get a sense of how the brakes, clutch, and accelerator are set up. A test drive will also aid in the detection of any transmission problems.