What is Venetian plastering?

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When it comes to timeless style additions, for interior or exterior home applications, Brisbane Venetian plastering always comes up as a topic of conversation. Venetian plaster, also known as marble plastering by some, is simply a type of wall-enhancing application technique that can be used to give walls and ceilings a polished and stunning finish. This highly popular wall and surface finishing design originated in Italy’s Venice and the same technique can also be traced to ancient Greece and Egypt. A professional renderer is trained to handle the process of decorating surfaces, walls, and ceilings with a marble-like finish that gives them a luxurious and polished look. The textured finishing of Venetian plasters gives walls a uniquely natural look and that is often what attracts homeowners to them.

What is the process of applying Venetian Plaster?

1.     Surface preparation before material application

Take it from an expert wall plastering and rendering, the most important thing about wall finishing’s that last is that the surface is properly prepared before application. Venetian plaster can be easily applied to all kinds of walls and surfaces because it is one of the more flexible solutions. Even with this in mind, the application process can greatly benefit from professional preparations. Preparations include things like cleaning the surface, obstruction removal and buffing to clear any bumpy parts. This ensures that the surface is smooth and level before we apply the plaster, and it may require that the professional deal with holes or cracks before proceeding. Depending on the quality and adhesive capability of the existing surface, we may apply certain products like primer or otherwise to ensure that the plaster adheres properly.

2.     Plaster coats applied

The expert plastering team at Rapid Rendering will then use professional techniques to apply the Venetian plaster materials. The plastering process always starts with several layers of thin application, and we’ll mix up the length and angle stroke to add texture. We’ll also need to dedicate some time to dry in between each coat because this is a critical process procedure to ensure long-lasting effects.

Polishing and finishing

After several coats of successful plastering, we will have to polish the plaster. Our expert plastering team can deliver brilliant results by hand or by machine. You should only rely on professional Venetian plaster experts because they have special finishing machines which can even out the sheen.

Benefits of Venetian Plaster

Like other professional house rendering and plaster techniques, every coat of material that is applied for your Venetian Plaster is protecting the surface against typical wear and tear. Barring its protective benefits, you will also end up with a finish that is both classy and modern in its appearance. We’ll explore its other benefits below:

  • Venetian plaster regulates humidity because it allows moisture to move through it. Its breathable qualities mean that it can easily keep surfaces cool, which in turn, makes the room less hot and humid.
  • The alkaline in the product materials is effective at counteracting mould growth on its surfaces.
  • Paint is known to leave a lingering, synthetic smell after application. Venetian plaster is completely odourless because it’s made from natural products.
  • Another added benefit of its natural ingredients is evident in how it is recognized as a toxic-free and eco-friendly plaster solution.
  • Venetian Plaster is also very low maintenance and doesn’t need a lot of attention at all to keep it looking as good as it does at the initial application job. All it needs is an occasional wipe and it’ll look good as new.
  • You can paint over Venetian plaster to switch up its overall look. However, it does require professional and prep work
  • Venetian plaster is a very durable wall finish, and it takes much longer than your average plaster to crack. Cracks can be caused by poor application work and environmental elements. Thankfully, cracks are easy to repair because plastering is done in layers.
  • Venetian plaster can easily last a decade and even much longer which makes it a worthwhile investment

Is Venetian Plaster expensive?

Venetian plaster prices can vary based on the type of finish you are after and the amount of surface area that it will be applied to. It is also dependent on the quality of plaster material you use because this can range anywhere from a little under $100 per litre to $250 per litre. However, when you calculate rendering and plaster prices, you’ll realize that it isn’t much more expensive than your average high-quality rendering job.