What is eCommerce photography and why is it important to have photos taken professionally?


Whether you need animated, video or picture content, a production studio you hire should be able to assist in producing high-end, beautiful product photography that can go a long way. Not every budding online shopping business can afford a studio and that’s why we’re here to offer an affordable option that offers the same quality of content as our team at Collab Bar Studios. We will do the work required to make the best product content you need for your budget, but we’ll discuss that and so much more below…

What is eCommerce photography?

The photography used for the promotion of your products on your website is taken with specific techniques to ensure that it looks more enticing to the customer than they can imagine on their own. That is the purpose of modern commercial content capturing because consumers don’t have the option of immediately testing your products as typically in person anymore. The point is to put your products in the light of integrity they deserve to let your customers know why they should buy them. It doesn’t just show your products, this photography helps to create a mood and give the impression of the experience customers can come to expect on your page. The natural inclination is that if you invest in proper product photography then that translates to similar customer service.

How to use your product photography?

The aim is to sell your products using this content directly to consumers. They aren’t just pretty pictures, once you discover what you can use a photo studio for, you’ll also discover that this plays a role in the experience of your website and the final decision-making process.

  • Give your prospective buyers a full view of what they’re buying into
  • The higher quality your pictures are, the more likely your customers are to buy-in
  • Nothing is more appealing than a picture to the online shopper
  • Stock pictures are product death. Use your own original imagery and you’ll win

Why you need professional eCommerce photography?

If you are a business that profits off of online sales, then you understand how significant eCommerce photography is in achieving that. Your client cannot normally access your products as they would with another provider. This means they need additional assurances, and this can be achieved with proper imaging by professional means.

Benefits of professional product photography:

  • Give your customers a picture of what they want with a clear image of what they will expect to receive.
  • High-quality programming that they won’t find anywhere else in your products
  • A unique source of reference for what the product looks like which builds a sense of trust between you and your clients
  • Content that is more appealing than written copy which turns into more conversions
  • Unique photography can be beneficial for more than website design. You can use them for social media campaigns etc.

Choose us for eCommerce photography that lasts

The investment you make in product photography for your online shop business should not be taken for granted. On the flip side, it also shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to achieve. We offer you the perfect balance of this at Collab Bar Studios. The cost of high-quality product pictures is an investment that is sure to boost business in a big way. Better pictures are sure to affect how customers engage with your website, but you’ll also improve your turnover rate because of the trust you build. You will highlight the best angles of your products, establish your brand identity, and attract new customers. All of the responses you receive will be worth much more than the initial cost you put into the journey of building your online presence. Choose Collab Bar Studios or your eCommerce needs and you’ll enjoy the benefits of studio hire and a reliable team of experts if that is what you are after.