What Distinguishes Inline Skates For Freeride From Those For Recreational Use

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Freeride and recreational inline skates are two very different types of skates. While both are designed for skating, they have differences in design that affect how they perform on the rink (or pavement). If you’re looking to buy a new pair of womens inline skates or just want to learn more about your current pair, read on for an explanation of these two types and their differences:


Freeride skating is a type of inline skating that is more athletic and technical than recreational inline skating. Freeride skates are designed for the skaters who want to push their limits in terms of difficulty and speed.

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Freeride skates have less flexible boots which give the skater more power and control when they are riding. They usually have larger wheels than recreational inline skates, but all freeriders should wear protective gear to stay safe while on the road or trail.

Recreational Skates

Recreational skates are a good choice for beginner skaters, as they offer the comfort and flexibility needed to get you used to skating. They do not feature as much support as freeride skates, so they are not ideal for downhill skating or jumps.

The boots are softer and more flexible than those of freeride skates, which makes them more comfortable but also less durable. Recreational inline skates can be used on flat roads and other smooth surfaces, but they do not allow you to tackle obstacles like hills or curbs easily.

What are the difference between the boots and components in freestyle/freeride and recreational?

The most obvious difference is the level of stiffness in the boot and components. Freeride boots are much stiffer than recreational ones, even if they’re both made by the same manufacturer. They typically have a higher durometer rating (indicating how hard it is to bend the material) and they may even be reinforced with carbon fibre or other composite materials.

This is because you’ll be using your skates for faster speeds over rougher terrain, so you need them to withstand impact from rocks rather than just being smooth rolling on pavement all day long.

Freeride wheels tend to be larger and softer than those used in recreation skating; this means that there’s less resistance from bumps in the road as well as better grip when performing tricks or jumps on rough terrain.

Also, freestyle/freeride wheels tend to have more rounded edges whereas recreational ones may have flat sides or straight lips which can provide more grip when accelerating out of corners but make it harder maintain traction while riding at speed down hillsides where there’s lots of loose dirt around (this is especially true if you live near mountains).

Whether you’re looking for a pair of roller skates women to hit the park with your friends or you want to start training for a marathon, it’s important to know the differences between these types of skating so you can choose the right kind of skates.

womens inline skates Australia tend to be more comfortable than men’s due mainly because they have wider footbeds with cushioned insoles which helps reduce foot pain after long periods of time spent wearing them outdoors during hot days where temperatures may reach up into triple digits Fahrenheit!

This means women will get less tired quicker when going fast down hillsides where men cannot keep up with their speed due solely because she has been wearing these comfortable shoes longer than he has been doing so already since childhood!


As you can see, there are many similarities between freeride and recreational inline skating. Both types of skates offer a good amount of comfort and stability for casual, leisurely skating. However, the key difference between them is in their weight distribution.