The Various Types of Industrial Compressors and Their Uses

Industrial Compressor

An industrial compressor uses the energy that’s provided by an electric motor to move pressurized gas, usually air or refrigerant, through a pipe or hose and into some sort of apparatus where it’s needed. They can be divided into three main categories based on their use: standard, hermetic, and screw-type compressors. If you want to know more about these different types of compressors and their various uses, then keep reading below!

Single-stage compressor

These are commonly used in applications where large amounts of high-pressure air are needed. Single-stage compressors have a single compression mechanism, but they can be modified to work as two-stage machines. They are ideal for larger facilities such as factories and production plants. This is because they have more power than a small facility would need, so they can produce higher volumes in a shorter amount of time.

Two-stage compressor

Two-stage industrial compressors are used in applications that require both high volume, as well as moderate pressure. Two-stage compressors can often be utilized when a machine has multiple required pressures because they allow for two or more sets of conditions, one at a higher pressure and one at a lower. This compressor will pressurize down to five pounds per square inch (psi), while discharging to 30 psi. It is an oil-lubricated rotary vane-type compressor with a cast iron rotor.

Industrial Compressor

Rotary screw compressor

A rotary screw compressor is a positive-displacement machine with two major components: a rotor and a stator. The rotor contains several curved metal plates known as screws. A piston within the stator chamber moves in direct relation to each screw, creating a linear movement that drives air or other gases toward one end of each screw. As these gases are forced against blades on each end, they are pushed through exhaust ports leading to an outlet. This process creates compression.

Reciprocating compressor

A reciprocating compressor is a machine that compresses the gas. One piston is driven by an electric motor or engine. The other piston is driven by gas pressure. It compresses the gas to store it in tanks or to send it through pipelines, where it expands again when it reaches a destination, such as another compressor station. This type of pump uses pistons that move back and forth rapidly inside cylinders with little clearance between them.

How do compressors work?

There are two types of compressors – reciprocating compressors and rotary (or screw) compressors. Reciprocating compressors, which have a piston that moves in a cylinder, are often used in automobiles or home appliances. Rotary compressors, which use helical screws to move air into a cylinder, are often found in industrial applications like air conditioning systems or manufacturing processes. In an air conditioning system, for example, compressed gas is sent to outdoor units for cooling as needed.

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