The Perfect Haircuts for Chubby Girls for a Slim Face Appearance

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While Dimple chin and chubby cheeks might sound cute on young girls, some grown-up women don’t like it at all. Extra Facial fat can make you look heavier and older than you are. So, what to do?  What if I tell you that a single haircut can change the way you entirely look? Yes, you read it right! Next time when you visit your Best Hairdresser Sydney, try one of below hair haircuts:

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Mixed Layer

The consistent layers of different lengths are perfect for the fuller faces. Some of the layers are short and the rest are long. The short strands can be of chin-length and increase in length along with hair length. Be it straight hair or soft, mixed layer is the right choice for both. Just leave them loose and see the magic happening.

  • Hair Type – Wavy
  • Occasion – Party
  • Season – Autumn & Winter
  • Age group – All age groups

Sharp and Short Bob

One of the best and reliable hairstyles for chubby faces comes in the form of a sharp and short bob style. The best part about the look is that it’s trendy and covers half of your face. That’s why it helps in defining your face’s bond structure. Also, when it comes to styling, you don’t have to do much.

  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Occasion – Party & Casual
  • Season – Summer & Spring
  • Age group – Women of 20-30 age groups & Young teens

Chic Style

An elongated bun on the top of your head lengthening the shape of your face has banged on the head. This look is perfect for those who have long hair. This will automatically give a slim look to your face. This could be another favorite hairstyle for you as it adequately makes your cheeks look slim. The hairstyle is elegant and stylish at the same time.

  • Hair Type – Straight & Wavy
  • Occasion – Casual & Party
  • Season – Summer-Spring
  • Age group – 20-40

Long Hair with Bangs

Love for bangs is very old. Bangs never go out of trend and you can run to it with hair of any length. The best part about this haircut is that it is ideal for any occasion and with any outfit. Curl your long hair partly and then comb them to show the silky texture.

  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Occasion – Wedding, Casual & Party
  • Season – Suitable for all seasons
  • Age group – Appropriate for all age groups

Sleek Ponytail

A swept and sleek ponytail on the back of the head is an ideal situation when it comes to the hairstyles for chubby faces. You can flaunt your curves along with creating a long feel of the neck. Match this with long or big earrings and complete your look

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  • Hair Type – Straight
  • Occasion – Party & Casual
  • Season – Appropriate for all seasons
  • Age group – 20-30

Which one did you like the most?

Final Thoughts

Many girls and women with chubby face think that it’s not possible to look pretty or slim. But you just saw how these haircuts are complementing the fuller faces. Emma Stones, Drew Barrymore, Mindy Kaling, Chrissy Teigen, and Kelly Clarkson are a few of the examples of celebrities with a chubby face. If they can rock their look, you can do it too.

All you have to do is just find the best hairdresser Sydney who can give help you get the looks of your dreams.