The Importance of Socialisation When Getting a New Puppy

New Puppy

Dogs are a lot like humans. At their puppy stage, they develop their skills and personalities. Their puppy stage also determines how they are as adult dogs.

Will they be fearful? Aggressive? These apprehensions can be laid to rest if the puppy is properly socialized.

These questions and hesitations in getting new puppies can be avoided just by socialising a new puppy. Socialising a new puppy is an important step in their growth. This determines their relationships with others. And today, we tell you why and how to do it properly.

Why socialisation is important for new puppies

Puppies need to have social skills. At their puppy stage, they need to be able to create relationships and coexist harmoniously with humans and other living things, even babies – at home and outside the house.

Socialisation can also mean accustoming puppies to different sights, smells, and sounds. Exposing your puppy to different environments and socialising them at an early age can help them grow less fearful and aggressive.

When to start socialising your puppy

It is best to socialise a puppy in their first three months. Socialising should start even before the puppy goes into a new home. This can be done by letting the puppy stay with his or her litter and mother.

Responsible breeders should expose puppies to different environments and let them experience human contact as well while they’re still small. Positive experiences with humans and other dogs at an early age sets the foundation for positive relationships further on in the puppy’s life. It’s also important to provide safe indoor and outdoor environments to help puppy’s feel a sense of safety.

How to properly socialise your puppy

Once the puppy is brought to a new home, it’s important to continue the socialisation process until it’s at least a year old. If the socialisation process isn’t continued, the puppy could learn to become used to only its owners and immediate environment and grow fearful of the outside world.

If you have a new puppy and would like to learn more about how to socialise him, here are some effective ways to do so:

  1. Expose the puppy to different environments

There are owners that love to bring their pets everywhere. And it’s wise to get pets accustomed to your usual haunts early on, whether it be a family member or friend’s house, the park, or a nearby pet-friendly restaurant.

Familiarising your puppy with various sights, sounds and smells makes them comfortable with changing environments.

  1. Join puppy classes

Puppy classes are a great way for puppies to learn basic commands taught by skilled trainers. They’re also a great opportunity for puppies to socialise with other puppies. Remember to vaccinate your puppies before mixing them with other dogs though to prevent them from catching illnesses.

  1. Communicate with your puppy

Whenever they are brought to different environments or handled by new people, it’s important to make sure that it’s a positive experience. Give your puppy a treat whenever he or she acts disciplined and friendly, so they know that what they are doing is right.

Puppies need to socialise at a young age in order to avoid any behavioural problems when they are older.

Make sure you get puppies from knowledgeable registered breeders so that you can rest assured that they’re raised and socialised properly before they reach your hands.

There are several responsible registered dog breeders in NSW that you can check out if you’re looking to get a puppy. But remember that the socialisation process shouldn’t stop with the breeder and should continue at home until the puppy turns one.