The Best Flower Gifts to Express Your Love

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Flowers say it all, don’t they? Whether you’re sending a bouquet of roses to your childhood sweetheart, telling a friend that you appreciate her, or congratulating your dad on a job promotion, the gift of flowers is an easy way to express yourself. But what if you want to communicate something more specific than “hey there”? If so, read on for our guide to the perfect Online Flower Delivery Melbourne for every occasion:

List of Best Flower To Gift Your Loved Once


Roses are the most popular flower in the world — and for a good reason. The wide variety of colours and sizes available means there’s one for every occasion. They also come at a wide range of prices, so you can find something to suit your budget. If your significant other is more into white roses than red ones, or if you want to splurge on an expensive bouquet for your anniversary, we have options for those preferences too. And if your sweetheart is allergic to flowers or has a strong dislike for them altogether? Try our plant-based gift instead (it’s still just as adorable).


The tulip flower is a symbol of rebirth, love and friendship. This springtime flower blooms early and is the perfect gift to send your friend or lover on Valentine’s Day. The tulip has long been associated with hope and faith, making it the perfect gift for a loved one recovering from illness or injury.


Lilacs are a classic flower. They are also a symbol of innocence and purity, love, springtime, beauty and friendship. Who doesn’t love that?

They’re also perfect for saying “I love you” without having to say it. A gift of lilacs is one that’s bound to please both partners in the relationship.

Lilac flowers can hold their own when placed in a vase alone or mixed with other blooms, but they look especially beautiful when paired with roses and carnations (reds).


Carnations are a classic flower that can be used for any occasion. They are available in a wide range of colors, from white to red to pink and yellow. Carnations are also often associated with romantic bouquets and make a great choice if you want to say I love you.


Sunflowers are beautiful and cheerful, and they’re a great symbol of happiness. They’re also easy to grow, which makes them the perfect flower for the gardening beginner. And since sunflowers bloom in summer, they make a great gift for someone who has recently had a baby and is struggling to find time away from their new family member.

To plant: Sunflowers need lots of sun and space! Plant them at least 6 feet from other plants because they grow quite tall—and you don’t want them shading out your other flowers!


These are just a few of the most common flowers that people associate with romance, but don’t be afraid to branch out and choose an Online Flower Delivery Melbourne that speaks to your relationship. The possibilities are endless!