Most Common Mistakes While Purchasing Robot Vaccum

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum market is growing rapidly and will soon be taken for granted, not as something like a popular fashionable toy. More and more people are understanding how useful, efficient and effective these devices are at home. However, only a few buyers know what to look for when choosing a Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when buying these latest gadgets. 

  1. Ignore the height of the robo back 

You need to measure the “clear distance” between the floor and the furniture with the shortest legs in the house. Some require a 9,10 cm high roboback, while others require a smaller one. The height of the “thinnest” vacuum cleaner robot model is 78 cm. Keep in mind that the height of the device must be at least 0.5 cm to prevent the device from getting caught anywhere. 

  1. Think of a circular robot vacuum model as better than a square 

There is also square robot vacuum model that are available in the market. These are supposed to clean the corners better, and in this case leave a really round device. The round robo vaccum leaves about 34 cm of dust on the corners (depending on the length of the brush), square-up to 1.52 cm (because the device shape isn’t really square-the corners are rounded, and on the device shape) It only comes with brush length and suction power.) That is, if you want to completely clean the corners of the room, you need to wipe them or clean them with a standard vacuum cleaner. 

  1. Think all robot vacuums have the same structure and design 

There are robo vaccum models with plastic dust containers and there are also models that put dust in a paper dust container. At the charging station. Bottle sizes vary from 250ml to 1L, but most  devices have 600-700ml dust bins. 

However, the main expensive robot vacuums have complex navigation systems to walk around the room, map the room, and use battery charging efficiently during cleaning. These robo vaccum map him rather than roaming the universe in a chaotic manner. Today, this advanced technology is used not only in robot vacuums, but also in lawnmowers.

  1. Misunderstanding wet cleaning and floor washing 

Many floor Mopping Robots and robo vaccum are similar with an option of wet cleaning. In most cases they are designed with special fixation for a microfiber mop and the water from a special container drips on the mop. The robo vaccum sucks and sweeps the dirt as well as simultaneously wipes the floor. Many robo vaccum comes with inbuilt microfiber to remove the tiniest dust particles that get stuck to the floor. You can also wet the mop with water because cleaning effect will be the same, especially for a small room like kitchen.

Winding-up: Hope you found the above information useful to prevent mistakes while purchasing the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum. Keep the above points in mind if you are looking to purchase the Robot Vacuum Australia.