Luxury Tours In India: The Ultimate Experience

If you are considering luxury India tours to enjoy some sightseeing and culture, you should explore the options that Luxury Tours in India can offer. They aim to create an experience to chase your ultimate travel dreams, from the north cape of Norway at one end to east Africa at the other. In this article, you will get a view on luxury tours and what makes a trip worth participating in.

The Taj Mahal

With the white-marble domes, a chaotic labyrinth of corridors, stunning dining halls, and even a hanging garden called the Bagh-e-Razia waiting to be explored in the heart of seventeenth-century India’s shimmering capital, it is no wonder that the Taj Mahal was named one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

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Rishikesh has been known for a long as a holy place. The city has earned this name from the presence of Lord Shiva, who is said to have resided in the city and the Ganges River. Many philosophers and spiritual leaders come to Rishikesh for its temples and ashramas. What most tourists usually don’t know about this area is that there are many exclusive luxury India tours that can be enjoyed here. Perhaps the ultimate experience of India would be Lakshmi Tours, which offers luxury tours catering to nature junkies and spiritual seekers alike.


Haridwar is home to the Ganges. Due to its proximity to the river, it has a large number of tourist attractions ready for you to visit. The river offers countless opportunities for yoga, meditation, and other activities. Here is a list of things you should know before planning your Haridwar vacation:

–  Ganesha Gurubara Temple, Rudrabhishek Mandir Raja Hari Temple, Subhas Shiva Mandir, Kuwadaesha Canera, Kankhal

–     There are numerous Ganga Aartis to attend at the Ganges bank over the course of any given year

–     You can also witness Hindu cremations

–     Swargadwar Modi architecture is an incredible journey

–     As of 2018 (source: Lonely Planet), 63% of travellers said they felt safe in India

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Kasol and Haveli, Mukteshwar and Manali

Luxury Tours in India encompasses the best of both worlds: shopping, sightseeing, cultural performances, and luxury accommodation. From Delhi to Jodhpur, the country offers a range of experiences from museums to the Taj Mahal and is perfect for pre-wedding honeymoons, festivals and family holidays.


Munnar is a tourist town in the south india that is spread out over eight hills. This region is known among tourists for its tea plantations, rice paddies, and mountains. After visiting Munnar, travellers have been known to say that they felt as if they were truly experiencing nature for the first time.

To Conclude,

Luxury India tours offer unique experiences in India. They are sure to make your trip the highlight of your holiday. They offer a range of budget and luxury options so each traveller can find their perfect option for themselves.