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Many people ask a very common question: whether or not it is safe to wear their dentures Melbourne overnight.

It’s a simple thought but a very rightful one too. Removing your dentures every night might feel like a hassle, but little do you know the many ways it can help you.

Not only does it ensure that your oral hygiene is good, but it also ensures that your dentures are clean and bacteria-free.

Can dentures be worn 24*7?

Dentures are not permanently fixed inside your mouth; the main reason behind this is that you can take them out regularly and maintain proper hygiene.

If you are habitual in putting your dentures Melbourne on for long hours during the day, then it’s best to remove them at night.

Also, leaving dentures inside your mouth all night long can lead to many serious health issues and cause discomfort.

Taking the dentures off at night is essential for safety and oral hygiene. The dentures should also be taken out during the day to be brushed and appropriately sanitised to remove any bacterial buildups.

What happens if you wear your dentures throughout the night?

If you neglect to remove your dentures through the night, it may lead to bacteria buildup and mild infections. Discomfort or slight pain may also come up.

If still ignored, these infections can soon take some serious direction leading to much trouble.

Dentures Melbourne


Resorption is the process that results in a decrease in bone density and volume over time. You should b vary of this happening because this may seem inconsequential, but trust us; it is not! It is one of the main repercussions of neglecting proper denture care.

While this is a natural phenomenon and happens to everyone over time, leaving the dentures on for long hours can speed up the process tremendously.

This is one thing you need to avoid the most.

Pain and discomfort

The constant wearing of dentures puts undue pressure on your gums and muscles. Wearing them overnight can increase this pressure and cause you to feel pain and discomfort.

This can also develop sore spots in your mouth, which can become quite painful. This may even create difficulties in eating, and you must avoid it at all costs.

Poor oral hygiene

The way you work through your oral hygiene changes when you start using dentures.

Dentures aren’t natural teeth and need regular cleaning and extra care to maintain strength and hygiene. Leaving them overnight can result in bacteria buildup, which is the leading cause of poor oral hygiene.

In Conclusion

It is best to wear dentures Melbourne during the day and take them off at night. Let them soak overnight and wash and wear them again the following day.

This way, the insides of your mouth can relax, and you also will be able to take more proper care of your mouth.