How To Sell Car Without Registration | An Ultimate Guide


Do you want to sell your old car but haven’t registered yet? Moreover, are you unwilling to register it because it is expensive and time-consuming? If yes, stop thinking and read this information because we will present your queries.

Although the registration process of vehicles is critical to validate the ownership of vehicles, you sometimes become unable to register your car due to high fees or lack of other facilities. Moreover, registration papers are the most crucial documents in selling a car.

However, you will be happy to know that we have a simple method as your answer of how to sell a car without registration. Therefore, be certain that you stick to this article till the last.

So, without any other discussion, let’s jump straight to our first step!

Step 1: Create Your Bill Of Sale:

Create a sales agreement, officially known as “Bill Of Sale,” between you (buyer) and purchaser. In this agreement, you have to fill in the information names of buyer and purchaser, their address, and other information. Then you will fill in the model number, make a year, VIN, and other details of your car in the agreement. Moreover, you have to add the amount you are selling the car and its warranty details.

Step 2: Visiting The Relevant Department Of Motor Vehicles:

After the singing of the Bill of Sale, now you have to visit the relevant DVM near your location. Bring your car title document with you because this document is necessary for registering and selling your vehicle. This title document is a verification of your ownership of the car. If you don’t have your car title, you can ask for its form and submit it after filling has a car title document for your vehicle.

Step 3: Submit The Relevant Documents And Form:

Now, you have to submit the relevant forms documents and the signing paper of the car title to transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the purchaser. Plus, you have to pay the fees associated with this process. The buyer also pays registration and processing fees.

Moreover, if you don’t have a car title document and have submitted a form, you must wait for several days until the title document is created. A car title document is important in this procedure because it verifies your vehicle ownership. After its creation, you have to follow the above steps and transfer the ownership to the buyer.

Things To Do Before Selling Your Car!

  • Remove the number plate and personal belongings from the car.
  • Plan a professional car inspection from a company.
  • Observe the market and make your amount of selling worthy of your car.
  • Be ready for negotiation.
  • Do small repairs if you are not selling a scrap car.

The Final Thoughts:

So, we are wrapping up our article, but let’s do a small recap before ending it! We talked about the procedure of how to sell a car without registration, and then we presented the top 5 things you have to do before selling them. Hope you find this helpful article land informational. Happy Selling!