How To Diagnose Common Drainage Problems?

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Water drainage problems can be frustrating and costly. While they seem like they would be easy to fix, there are actually a number of things that can cause clogs in your drains. Drainage issues can frustrating that it might need Plumber Bentleigh to fix the issue correctly.

In this article we’ll cover some common causes for drainage issues, as well as ways to prevent them from happening again!

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Is there standing water?

If you have large pools of standing water, it can mean that your drain is clogged. The first thing to do is determine where the standing water is coming from.

If there are several areas around your home with this problem, then it’s likely that there is a clog somewhere in your plumbing system.

If only one area has standing water, then look at other sources (such as broken pipes) before assuming it’s a drainage issue. Hire Plumber Bentleigh before its too late.

If you determine that the problem may be related to your drains and not another cause like plumbing or foundation issues, check out these tips on how to find and fix common drainage problems:

Smells coming out of drains?

If you notice a bad smell coming from the drains in your home, there could be several reasons for this. The most common one is sewage or rotten egg smells coming from sinks and toilets. This can be caused by an accumulation of food particles getting stuck in the drainage pipes over time.

You might also notice other unpleasant odours, such as a fishy smell which may indicate that electrical equipment has been damaged, which may have caused leakage into your drain system.

To prevent bad smells when using the toilet:

  • Don’t flush toilet paper down the toilet unless it is wet or wrapped up into a ball (which will reduce lumps).
  • Flushing used tissues down the toilet can cause blockages; however, if you do so, try not to flush more than once at a time as this increases the chance of blockages forming due to clumping together with other non-flushed items being flushed away at different times (such as when doing laundry).
  • Also, be aware that some people don’t use toilet paper at all but instead use bidets – these are intended for washing yourself after going number two, so if you see someone using one then just wait until they’ve finished before flushing again yourself!

Are there multiple drains clogging up?

If there is a clog in one drain, it’s likely that other drains are also clogged. You can use a plunger or snake to unclog them. However, if you’re not sure what type of blockage you’re dealing with, it might be best to call in professional help to ensure that your drains will function properly after they’ve been cleared.

If you have multiple drains clogging up and nothing seems to work, your best bet is probably going to be calling in professional Plumber Bentleigh who have experience with clearing these types of issues. A good plumber should be able to come over quickly and fix the problem for you without much hassle at all!