Exposed aggregate concrete and different coloured aggregates

Concrete Adelaide

Nowadays, getting deal with exposed Aggregate Concrete Adelaide, a trendy decorative concrete finish, gets its appearance and texture from aggregates within the Concrete Adelaide mix, which can include materials like crushed rocks, small stones, pebbles and sand. The simplest way to achieve this finish is by washing and brushing off the cement paste until the aggregates are revealed. In a diverse method, the aggregates are broadcast over wet pavement and installed before the concrete sets.

Achieve high-look in budget

On the same platform, contractors can use mostly the same techniques – with advanced materials and processes – to allow homeowners wanting to update or expand to achieve the high-end look with a smaller budget. All these make this option widely accessible. Because it’s very hard-wearing, some typical applications of exposed aggregate concrete are public areas including walkways and traffic areas such as roadways, tracks, patios, squares or pool floors and Paving Adelaide. It can also be used on perpendicular applications such as embellishing walls and building facades.

Construct statues and furniture

Concrete can be used in extensive applications using a variety of procedures. It is permanent enough to last for decades to become, strong enough to be practised in structural forms, and malleable to be formed to virtually any form or shape. It can be used in flooring, wall, and ceiling applying, or it can be exercised to construct statues and furniture. It can be made to examine industrial and cold as well as classical and warm. With so many applications, it is almost safe to say that concrete can be used to make nearly anything, and countertops are no exception.

Allow shaping the imaginable

Workers begin by pouring a traditional concrete slab or form mould in virtually any shape imaginable. At this point, surface retarders that prevent the topmost layer of concrete from thoroughly drying can be applied. Once the lower portion dries, the top layer is washed away to reveal the small bits of sand and aggregate.

  • Exposed aggregate concrete will give your hard surface areas a fantastic finish. It is hard-wearing, durable and great for outdoor elements which get wet. The exposed material will glisten in the sunlight and will make your outdoor area very attractive.
  • A more expensive but stunning option is to further enhance the exposed aggregate concrete by scouring the raised bits down level with the concrete and then polishing the entire surface to a brilliant shine. The result has the appearance of exotic cut marble or granite slab.


Besides the fact that it is secure against heavy traffic and often cheaper than other decorative Concrete Adelaide techniques. Even more remarkable effects can be performed with exposed Aggregate Concrete Adelaide with the use of excellent techniques such as creating contrast by using separate aggregates or varying smooth surfaces with exposed aggregate polished areas. Some use layers of wood patterned stamped concrete as dividers to create importance. The possibilities when it comes to treatment are virtually endless.