Crop and Livestock Cost Analysis in Agricultural Accounting Software

accounting software for farmers

The cost of production is an important metric for any business, and it’s especially crucial in farming. The goal of this post is to explain the role that crop and livestock cost analysis plays in agricultural accounting software. 

We’ll also show you how accounting software for farmers makes it easy for growers to use this analysis tool.


Crop and livestock cost analysis is a process of comparing costs to benefits. It’s used to determine whether the crops or animals are making a profit, or if they’re losing money.

For example: You may have planted corn this year and harvested it in September. But did you know how much it cost? Did you know how much money was made from selling your harvest? If not, then this article will help!

The agricultural accounting software for farmers manage their finances by providing them with real-time information on all aspects of their farms–including crop production, livestock operations, financial statements and tax reports (if applicable). 

accounting software for farmers

The software also features an easy-to-use reporting tool called “Cost Analysis” where users can compare costs against revenue received from various sources such as loans/grants/subsidies etc., which enables them make informed decisions regarding future projects based on past performance.

Why use a crop and livestock cost analysis?

The main reason to use a crop and livestock cost analysis is to identify cost drivers. The information you get from this analysis can help you make better business decisions, improve profitability and understand the business better.

The following are some examples of what might be included in your crop and livestock cost analysis:

  • Identify areas for improvement – With the right data, it’s easy to see where improvements can be made at every stage of production. 

How does Software enable growers to implement a crop and livestock cost analysis?

An accounting software is an agricultural accounting software that enables growers to analyse their costs. The software allows you to compare costs between different years, crop rotations and livestock production systems.

It helps you make better decisions by providing easy access to information about your farm’s financial performance. This can help you plan ahead for future seasons or plan based on past performance.

Working with the Cost Analysis Tool in Software

The Cost Analysis Tool is a powerful tool that allows you to analyse costs in your business. With this tool, you can:

  • Analyse historical data and make better business decisions based on past performance.
  • Identify areas of spending that need improvement or additional attention.
  • Prioritise areas for improvement based on their impact on profit margin ratio (PBR).

To get started with this new feature, click “Cost Analysis” from the left navigation bar or select it from the Tools menu at any time after entering into Software’s main screen. Then follow these steps:


As we have seen, the cost analysis tool with the help of accounting software for farmers is a powerful tool to make informed decisions about their operations. It is easy to use and understand and can be implemented at any stage of your farm’s lifecycle.