4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical System

If your home is more than 10 years old, it’s likely time for some electrical work. Even if there aren’t any obvious signs of trouble, an older electrical system isn’t going to be as efficient or safe as one that’s recently been updated. 

Newer homes are built with newer wiring made from copper instead of aluminium wire, which means they can handle more power and last longer without getting damaged—and they’re also safer in case something goes wrong.  So, it’s best to hire Professional electrician frankston  to upgrade your home’s electrical system.

Here are four signs that it’s time to upgrade your home’s electrical system:

You experience frequent power outages

If you experience frequent power outages, it may be time to call electrician frankston for upgrading your home’s electrical system. It is important to keep your wiring up to date so that it can withstand everyday wear and tear, as well as occasional surges in energy usage.

The frequency with which you need to have your wiring checked depends on how old it is, but generally speaking, if there are any signs of damage or deterioration–such as frayed wires or loose connections–a professional electrician should be called in for an inspection.

No lights or outlets work at certain times

If you notice that certain lights or outlets are not working, it could be because they’re on a different circuit than the rest of your house’s electrical system. Check your breaker box and make sure all of its switches are in the “on” position before trying to turn them on manually. 

If this doesn’t work, check for loose wires or damaged receptacles in that room and hire an electrician who can upgrade your home’s lights.

Professional electrician frankston

You see sparks or flickering lights

If you see sparks or flickering lights, it’s likely the most common cause is loose connections. The solution is to check all the connections in your electrical system and tighten them as needed. In addition to being safe for your home’s wiring, this can help improve efficiency by reducing energy loss through resistance in wires.

If you have an older home with knob-and-tube wiring (also called tin-knob), that may need replacing as well. 

It’s important not only because it could be dangerous but also because it won’t work with newer technologies like smart meters or LED lighting systems without upgrading first–and doing so might require hiring an electrician who specialises in older homes’ electrical systems

The electrical system is outdated

The electrical system in your home may be outdated. In fact, it’s likely that the wiring in your home is not up to code and could be unsafe. This means that an upgrade is necessary if you want to make sure that everything works properly and safely for everyone living there.

If you’re unsure about what kind of work needs to be done and how much it will cost, contact an electrician who can assess the situation and provide recommendations for upgrades (or even complete installation).


If you’re experiencing any of these problems, it may be time to upgrade your home’s electrical system. If you’re looking for ways to save money on energy bills and make your home more environmentally friendly, contact electrician  frankston today and upgrade your upgrade your home’s electrical system with expert hands.