3 Ways to Clean Up a Contaminated House

How to Clean Up Contaminated House

Since many pet birds are confined to a small living space where they are required to perform the majority of their daily activities, including feeding, drinking, defecating, and playing, good hygiene is an essential component of avian care. Due to their cramped living conditions, pet birds frequently poop in their food and water bowls, on perches, and over other cage contents. Faeces and leftover food can build up on the floor of your bird’s cage if it isn’t cleaned frequently, which can lead to the growth of germs and some fungi, including mould. Give your family a spotless house that they may show off to their friends. So here are tips for How to Clean Up Contaminated House.

How to Clean Up Contaminated House

1) Start with carpet

If you have carpet in your house, it’s important to clean it on a regular basis. Not only will this help keep your carpets looking nice, but it will also help remove any contaminants that may be lurking in them.
There are a few different ways you can clean your carpets, but the most important thing is to vacuum them regularly. You’ll want to use a vacuum cleaner with an agitator bar and a beater brush so you can really dig into the carpet and pull up all of those pesky contaminants. You’ll also want to change your filter as often as possible or purchase an HEPA filter so there won’t be any dust particles getting kicked back up into the air when you’re vacuuming.

2) Tackle hard floors

First, you’ll want to focus on the hard floors in your contaminated house. These are the surfaces that are going to be the most difficult to clean and the most likely to harbor contaminants. You’ll need to use a strong cleaner and scrub vigorously to make sure you’re getting rid of all the dirt and grime.

Second, vacuum carpets thoroughly with a high-quality vacuum cleaner designed for carpet. Third, Dust is an excellent breeding ground for germs and dust mites so it’s important to wipe down window sills often with warm water and soap or other cleaning solution. Lastly, give fixtures like light switches, door handles, and toilet seats a good scrubbing with soap or disinfectant wipes; these spots are often missed during thorough cleaning but can easily accumulate bacteria when touched frequently by multiple people throughout the day.

3) Get rid of toxic mould

Mould can cause serious health problems, so it’s important to get rid of it as soon as you see it. The first step is to identify the source of the mould and fix the problem that’s causing it. Once you’ve done that, you can clean up the mould with a vinegar solution or bleach. Cover any surfaces that may be sensitive with plastic wrap before applying the cleaning solution.

Leave the surface wet for 15 minutes, then rinse off any remaining chemicals. If there are large areas of mould on your walls, you’ll need to scrub the area down with water and soap. You should also remove items from your home that are moist or have been in contact with moisture – these items will only make matters worse. It’s also a good idea to make sure there aren’t any leaks anywhere in your home.


The first step in How to Clean Up Contaminated House is to identify the source of the contamination. Once you know where the contamination is coming from, you can begin to take steps to clean it up. There are many ways to clean up a contaminated house, but these three methods are some of the most effective.

You should start by identifying and sealing off any sources of the contamination, such as air ducts or vents that are leaking into your home. You should also consider installing an air purifier or humidifier to remove contaminants in the air. Finally, if you have something that is contaminated on your hands (such as after touching raw meat), wash them with soap and water before using anything else so that you don’t contaminate other surfaces around your home.