a solar panel’s cleaning procedure: step by step

Solar panels are one of the easiest ways to take advantage of renewable energy. But they’re also one of the most delicate and require a bit more maintenance than other types of Solar Panels Perth. If you don’t clean your solar panels regularly, they can become covered with dirt, debris and mould which will reduce their efficiency.

In this post, we’ll show you how to clean a solar panel so that it continues to operate efficiently for as long as possible (and hopefully longer!).

check the manufacturer’s instructions

Check the manufacturer’s instructions. You should always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines before cleaning your solar panel, as they may have specific instructions for how to clean their product.

Manufacturer’s Instructions

Some panels are made with different materials requiring different cleaning methods. It is also important to check the manufacturer’s warranty and guarantee information to see if there are any stipulations about using certain chemicals or detergents on them (for example, some manufacturers will not honour warranties if you use an abrasive cleaner).

remove loose dirt and debris

Now that you have cleaned off all the loose debris, you can move on to removing any dirt or grime that might be clinging to your panels.

To do this, use a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub away dirt and dust from the surface of the panel. Be careful not to use anything too abrasive as it can damage your solar paneling.

Once you’ve removed the loose dirt and debris with a soft brush, wipe down each panel with some water. This will help remove any remaining particles that are still stuck on your solar paneling and leave them looking shiny again!

Wipe dry with a clean cloth so you don’t leave any streaks or water marks behind!

spray with water

Water is the best cleaning agent for Solar Panels Perth. The water helps to remove dirt, dust and debris from your solar panels. You can use a garden hose to spray water on your solar panels. Using a soft brush, lightly scrub off any dirt that remains on the surface of your solar panels.

avoid abrasive products

Do not use abrasive products such as steel wool, steel brush or sandpaper. These will scratch the surface of your solar panels and reduce its efficiency. Also avoid any solvents that are petroleum based as they can damage the coating on your panels.


When it comes to cleaning a solar panel, always remember to use a soft cloth or sponge, and avoid using brushes or brooms that could scratch the surface of your panels.


In the end, a solar panel is like any other piece of equipment. The best way to keep your Solar Power Perth clean and running smoothly is by implementing regular maintenance and cleaning. This will also ensure that your solar panels stay in good working condition for many years to come!