Your main sewer line is often referred to as the “first line of defense” when it comes to preventing sewage backups and overflows. HIre plumber Footscray if you notice warning signs.

It’s also a critical component of your home’s plumbing system, so you want to make sure it’s working properly—and that you know what signs to look out for if something goes wrong. Here are some common causes of main sewer clogs as well as ways to prevent them from happening again:

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a major cause of sewer clogs. Roots can grow in sewer pipes and block them, making it difficult to flush anything down the toilet. They can also cause cracks in the pipes or collapse them completely, causing leakage into your home.

When you see these warning signs, it’s time to call a professional plumber in Footscray.

Sanitary Sewer Overflows

Sanitary sewer overflows are a major concern in many areas, and they can cause serious damage to your home if they’re left untreated. What exactly is a sanitary sewer overflow? How do they happen, and what warning signs should you look out for? This guide will answer all of those questions and more.

sanitary sewer overflows

Sanitary sewers are designed to transport raw sewage away from your home or business through a series of pipes (called “sewer lines”) that lead directly to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. 

During normal operation, these systems work very well: wastewater is treated at the facility before being returned safely back into the environment via lakes or rivers—or in some cases, spray-irrigated on agricultural land!

Broken Pipe

Broken pipe replacement is a common problem for the owners of homes with aging sewer lines. Broken pipes can be caused by tree roots or the weight of snow and ice during the winter months. Get it inspected by an experienced plumber’s Footscray.

These broken pipe sections are likely to cause sewage to back into your home, a health hazard that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you suspect that your main sewer line has been broken, please contact us as soon as possible so we can get started on repairs! If it turns out that there isn’t any damage done yet (but there’s still an issue), we’ll let you know what steps need to be taken next in order to keep everything safe and running smoothly.

Collapsed Sewer Lines

A collapsed sewer line is basically just what it sounds like: a section of your sewer system that’s been crushed or damaged, causing the flow of waste to be slowed or stopped completely.

Collapsed lines can be caused by everything from tree roots growing into the ground above them to damage from construction equipment and even earthquakes (though this isn’t as common). 

Depending on how severe your collapsed sewer line problem is, you may need to replace all of the affected pipes. This will get rid of your clog for good and prevent any further problems from occurring in that area.

If you’ve noticed any warning signs frequent sewage backup into your home or yard, backups that last longer than usual, standing water around manholes or storm drains after heavy rainfall—you might have a collapsed line problem on your hands.


If you have a main sewer clog, the best thing you can do is call a professional plumber Footscray. It’s important to stay safe and avoid getting hurt when working with this kind of equipment.