3 Things your all should Expect from Floor Sanding Melbourne


When you hire a professional floor sanding in Melbourne, many things come in your mind and one of such thongs is what to expect from the service.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Wood is a natural element. Therefore, expecting perfection is setting hopes high.

Hardwood has graining and colour variations that might differ in appearance.

Also, if your wooden flooring is old and you are having problems such as pet stains, water stain, imperfect installation, etc. sanding and polishing will make it better not perfect. Therefore, it’s suggested by the experts of Total Floor Sanding and Polishing to go for total floor reinstallation so that the new wood is perfectly fitted and durable.

Gaps can’t be repaired with refinishing: instead, it can make them look a bit better. Just like when you go for a chemical peel or facelift, your skin rejuvenates but you never get that flawless ad smooth texture back that you had when you were a baby or in your 20s.

For way too older floors, it’s obvious to expect imperfections. However, many people are paying a huge amount to make their flooring look like one to get that raw and natural feeling by adding hand scraps.

Expect Dust

Of course, floor polishing in Geelong or any other area involved floor sanding which creates dust in a huge amount. That’s why it’s suggested to remove all the valuables and furniture from the area of work. Some items can’t be removed such as fixtures, switchboards, etc. So in this situation, cover them up with plastic.

Experts vacuum the entire areas side-by-side as they sand. This avoids dust to reach other parts of the house and settle.

However, you can’t expect 100% dustless sanding. Air flows quickly, so, some dust particles may travel inside and sometimes outside of the house.

You might notice dust settled on the windows, chair, base moulding, ledge, and many other parts. Therefore, bear in mind that you have to clean the entire house after the work is done. You can also hire professional cleaners so that you don’t have to suffer much.

It takes time to do the work

It takes time to sand. The process may involve staining and the number of coating for humidity. Hence, it’s better to keep in mind that it is going to take at least 1or 2 days to get the job done.

Many professionals can give you an estimate of work done but this duration may vary depending on the area to be covered and the current condition of the floor.

To sand, a 1,000 square feet area, 1 day is required. For 2500 to 3000 square feet area, at least 3 days are required. But the wait doesn’t end here. You can’t walk on the floor after the polishing is done for at least 2-3 days. All this is done for the betterment of your floor and it ensures that the floor adapts the environment perfectly.

Total Floor Sanding and Polishing doesn’t even offer floor repair and reinstallation but also cater to the residential & commercial floor cleaning services.

So hire now!

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